30 Best Summer Hair Color Ideas in 2023

Make your summer more fun by getting a new hair color! Check out these summer hues to help you get started.

Summer is almost here, and it spells beach trips, vacations, and just overall fun in the sun. It’s also a good time to change your hair color because what better way to greet a new season than by getting a new look? And if you’re wondering what color would be great, we’ve listed down our favorite summer hair color ideas to help you decide.

While warm browns and blondes are a hit, summer is also a good time to try bright colors and pastels to give your new look a dose of personality. At the end of the day, picking a summer hair color is all about choosing the hue that you’re most confident in.

Ready to try summer hues? Check out our roundup below.

1. Golden Brown

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with long golden brown hair
This warm hair color is perfect for summer. Credit: Miggy Rivera from Pexels

This summer hair color tops our list because it gives your hair a sun-kissed look. It also flatters morena skin, so it’s perfect for showing off that beach tan.

Editor’s tip: Keep your hair color fresh with TRESemmé Root Touch-Up Spray (Light Brown Color). This temporary hair colorant conceals your roots and gray strands in seconds, and the effects last until your next hair wash. To use, just shake the can well, hold it about six to eight inches away from your hair, spray to your roots and grays, lightly blend with your fingers, and let it dry for a minute. 

2. Caramel Highlights

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with short hair with caramel highlights
Let caramel highlights help define your layers. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you simply want to add dimension to your hair, try caramel highlights. They complement textured hairstyles and layered haircuts—perfect for that laidback, summer look.

3. Golden Bronze

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with golden bronze hair smiling
You can combine golden bronze with a dark brown base to give your hair more depth. Credit: Shutterstock

This summer hair color consists of a golden brown hue with hints of red and caramel, giving it an orange-y brown look. Like golden brown, it complements morena skin and it’s also great at showcasing your hair’s layers and texture.

4. Bronde

Asian woman with bronde hair wearing a hat
Ready for your summer makeover? Try bronde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This is a great hair color if you want to lighten your tresses without going full blonde. Your dark hair will still need to be bleached to achieve this color, so switch to purple shampoo to help preserve your bronde hue.

Editor’s tip: Keep your bleached hair from turning brassy by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo. Its purple formula neutralizes brassy tones, so you get to enjoy your blonde and bleached hair colors for twice longer. It also has jojoba oil for moisture and shine. For best results, complement this shampoo with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner

5. Ash Bronde

Asian woman with ash bronde hair wearing eyeglasses
You can leave your roots dark to add depth to your ash bronde hair. Credit: Kha Ruxury from Pexels

If you want to sport an ashy hair color, try ash bronde. It adds warmth to your face while exuding an edgy vibe, thanks to its gray undertones.

6. Cinnamon

Asian woman with long cinnamon hair smiling
This warm, medium brown hair color is flattering for any skin tone. Credit: Michelle Pedron

With a hint of orange mixed with a warm brown base, cinnamon is flattering for any skin tone. This color gives you a youthful, summer look, so go try it this season.

7. Strawberry Blonde

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with strawberry blonde hair taking a selfie
Exude a cheery, summer vibe with strawberry blonde hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want to try a bright hair color, try strawberry blonde. It’s the lightest shade in the red hair color family, and it’s a great option to try if you want something that’s not as intense as fiery red or other vibrant red shades.

Editor’s tip: Bleaching and coloring can cause extreme hair damage. Nurse your tresses back to their healthy-looking state by using Dove Keratin Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. It has keratin-infused serum capsules that go deep into your hair to repair damage from within. With regular use, it leaves your hair recovered, beautiful, and resilient in just one minute. 

8. Unicorn Hair

Woman with unicorn hair wearing a white cap
This hair trend gives you a bold, summer look! Credit: All Things Hair

Combine bright shades of blue and purple along with pastel pink, and you get this head-turning color combo. With unicorn hair, you get to be adventurous with your hair and create a unique look.

9. Ashy Unicorn Hair

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with ashy unicorn hair
Ashy tones give unicorn hair an edgy vibe. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

It’s a more muted look because of the ashy tones, but it’s just as chic and interesting. And with the colors more blended together, the overall hue looks iridescent.

10. Copper

Woman with long curly copper hair smiling
Add oomph to your curly hair by dyeing it copper. Credit: Tomaz Barcellos from Pexels

This warm, medium brown hair color with undertones of metallic red makes it look like your hair is glinting in the sun. Whether you get it as highlights or as your new hair color, copper will give you a striking summer look.

11. Dark Copper

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with dark copper hair smiling
Look sleek and sophisticated with shiny, dark copper hair. Credit: Jamie Saw from Pexels

This hair color has more browns in it, making it a deeper shade. Nevertheless, the reddish, metallic undertone is still there, giving your cheeks a warm, summer glow.

12. Bright Pink

Summer hair color ideas: Asian woman with short pink hair smiling
Let this hair color put a smile on your face whenever you look in the mirror. Credit: Shutterstock

Quirky and cheerful-looking, this hair color livens up your everyday look. It’s also a good hair color to get for short hair to add oomph to a simple bob.

13. Ash Pink

Asian woman with short ash pink hair
Turn heads with a gorgeous, ash pink hair color. Credit: Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Adventurous but subtle, ash pink adds oomph to your look. It’s also the right combo of sweet and edgy and is versatile enough to be worn every day.

14. Green

Asian woman with green and black hair
Add personality to your summer look by getting dip-dyed green hair. Credit: Shutterstock

If you want something that’s cool to the eyes for your summer look, try green hair. You can choose from light green colors like mint green and seafoam green. You can also try darker shades like emerald and teal and combine them with your naturally dark hair color in a dip-dyed look.

15. Dark Green Highlights

Summer hair color ideas: Woman with black hair with dark green highlights
Wanna add highlights to your dark hair? Try dark green. Credit: Chandra Oh from Unsplash

These dark, forest green streaks on black hair give you an edgy, mysterious vibe. They’re subtle but they leave a lasting impression.

16. Light Coral Pink

Asian woman with light coral pink summer hair color
Stand out with gorgeous light coral pink hair. Credit: Shutterstock

This shade of pink has tinges of red or orange, making it a warm color that’s flattering for any skin tone. It gives off a youthful energy—perfect if you want your look to spell fun and bold.

17. Mahogany Brown

Asian woman with short mahogany brown hair with bangs
Mahogany brown makes a short haircut with bangs look extra fab. Credit: Bui Than Tam from Unsplash

This dark brown hair color gives you a head-turning ‘do, especially when you’re under the sun. And if you love tousled hairstyles, mahogany brown helps you show off your hair’s texture.

18. Honey Milk Tea

Asian woman with long honey milk tea hair
If you want to lighten your tresses this summer, this hair color is a great option. Credit: Shutterstock

You’ll love this shade of milk tea hair color as much as you love quenching your thirst with its namesake, refreshing drink! It has golden undertones for that sun-kissed goodness combined with the hip and trendy vibe that milk tea hair color gives off.

19. Blonde With Dark Roots

Woman with blonde hair in a ponytail
With shadow roots, you don’t have to touch up your blonde hair right away. Credit: Cottobnro

Is your hair already starting to grow? Don’t stress about it, because the contrast between your dark roots and blonde hair makes for an edgy, summer look!

20. Honey Brown

Asian woman with short honey brown curly hair
Try honey brown this summer and wear it all year. Credit: Shutterstock

Less vibrant than golden brown but just as warm, honey brown also gives you a just-came-from-the-beach look. It’s also a great color for curly hair, as it helps showcase your hair’s shape and texture.

21. Multi-Colored Jewel Tones

Asian woman with multicolored long hair
This color combo gives you a unique look. Credit: Shutterstock

Combine magenta and ruby red with muted hues like olive green and berry-like purple to create a fun but sophisticated, rainbow-inspired look.

22. Nude Hair

Asian woman with blonde hair in a ponytail
If you’re not sure what blonde shade suits you, try this universally flattering hue. Credit: Irene Strong from Unsplash

This summer hair color has an equal mix of cool and warm undertones. Also called neutral blonde, nude hair is flattering for all skin tones, so it’s definitely a must-try this season.

23. Bright Streaks

Asian woman with colorful hair in a braid
Feeling adventurous with your hair? Try this colorful, summer look. Credit: Yindee Phuttasirayakorn

Dye small sections of your hair vibrant orange, green, and pink to create a bold and fun, summer look. They pop out against your naturally dark hair, especially when you braid your hair.

24. Mauve

Asian woman with long mauve hair
Surprise your friends this summer with your gorgeous mauve hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This pinkish-purple hair color is perfect for those who are not into pastels but are also not keen on getting bold and vibrant hues. You can wear it with dark roots for a more low-maintenance look.

25. Lived-In Blonde

Asian woman with blonde hair smiling
You can accessorize this summer look with a simple headband. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Speaking of low maintenance, try this look. The blonde color looks handpainted on your hair, blending well with your naturally dark tresses. Rock this hair color by creating soft, relaxed waves that showcase your hair’s depth and dimension.

26. Balayage Blonde

Asian woman with a blonde balayage summer hair color
Soft waves complement a blonde balayage look. Credit: Orhun Rüzgar ÖZ from Pexels

Wear blonde with flair by going for a balayage look. Unlike traditional highlights, balayage consists of handpainted colors on your hair. It’s similar to lived-in blonde, but in balayage, you start painting blonde on small sections of your hair first. As you move to the tips, you add more blonde, creating a more seamless transition from the dark sections of your hair.

27. Peach and Pink Waves

Back of a woman with peach and light pink hair
Try this hair color to create a sweet, summer look. Credit: Shutterstock

For a soft and dainty summer look, combine pastel pink and peach hair color. This candy-like hue exudes a youthful vibe, like you’re in for a season full of adventures.

28. Fiery Ombré

Woman with a red and orange ombre hair color
Stand out with this hot summer hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

Turn up the heat with red-and-orange ombré hair! This bold look will make you a stunner at barbecue parties and summer music festivals. You’ll be hard to miss with this hair color.

29. Two-Toned Hair

back of a woman with purple and pink hair
Can’t choose between to hair colors? Wear both of them! Credit: Melike Benli from Pexels

Dye half of your hair purple and the other half hot pink to create this whimsical look. Accessorize your two-toned hair with a bow if you’re in a playful mood. But if you want something edgy, do away with accessories, part your hair at the center, and leave your hair down.

30. Playground Highlights

Asian woman with dark hair wearing sunglasses
If you’re into warm brown shades, playground highlights might be for you. Credit: All Things Hair Team

These highlights are a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color. They mimic the color your hair turns to when sunlight hits it. Playground highlights give your hair dimension in a subtle way, and they’re also easy to maintain. We won’t blame if you decide to wear them even when summer ends.

With these summer hair color ideas, you’ll be sporting a fresh, new look that you’ll enjoy showing off in all your beach and travel selfies. Have fun!

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