16 Taper Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023

What’s a taper fade haircut, you ask? Learn more bout this trendy haircut and check out some styling tips.

There’s a fade haircut (also called “faded haircut), and then there’s a taper fade haircut. These two haircuts for men are often used interchangeably. They may look similar, but they’re not the same. And if you’ve been wondering what these haircut terms mean, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to answer your questions and give you ideas to help you rock this haircut for men. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the taper fade haircut.

What does a taper fade haircut look like?

So, what’s the difference between the fade haircut and the taper fade haircut? Basically the length. These two hairstyles are similar in that they are both gradient haircuts. They go from one length to another. But a regular fade typically goes from short to even shorter, while a taper fade starts with hair that’s about a few inches longer. This way, you see the fade tapering or gradually getting shorter.

What does “taper fade” mean?

To taper means to decrease length or thickness little by little. This is why it’s called taper fade haircut because you see the strands getting shorter or fading little by little.

How long does a taper fade last?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, a taper fade may grow out in three to four weeks. When your taper fade is no longer noticeable, you may need to go back to your barber to have it refreshed. If you have your own hair clippers at home, you can do it yourself by following the existing fade pattern and adjusting the size of your clippers accordingly.

A fade haircut, on the other hand, has a tighter fade because it has shorter strands to start with. And because it has shorter strands, you may need to trim or clip your hair sooner in order to maintain the look.

Should I get a taper fade or a fade haircut?

Deciding which one to get depends on your face shape and personality. Because a taper fade has longer strands that gradually fade or transition to shorter ones, its overall look is closer to classic men’s haircuts. So, if you want a classic look with a little bit of a fresh twist, a taper fade is for you.

If you want short hair that looks edgier than regular haircuts, give the taper fade haircut a try. It’s light and presko so it’s perfect for hot and humid weather.

There are more different ways to wear this cut, and depending on how funky or conservative you are with haircuts, you can choose whether you want to do it low (hair is tapered down the shortest, near the ears), mid fade (a few inches higher), or a high fade (hair starts to shorten high up on the head.) There are a lot of different variations, and they can easily liven up your style. We’ve got a few cool looks right below.

1. Side Part Taper Fade Hairstyle

Asian man with short hair wearing a blue polo
Update a side part hairstyle by adding a taper fade. Credit: Vincent Coscolluela

Upgrade your classic side part style by combining it with a taper fade. To create this look, use a comb to part your hair on the side while it’s still damp. Apply a coin-sized amount of wax or putty to your hair to take it where you want it to go and keep it there. A blow dryer can help set your style.

2. Straight Hair With Fade

Asian man with straight hair with fade haircut wearing a white polo and smiling
Slicked-back straight hair with faded sides makes for a dapper look. Credit: Hariono Halim

Straight, slicked-back hair goes well with a fade haircut. It’s a smooth and polished hairstyle you can wear together with a crisp dress shirt and suit.

Editor’s tip: A fade haircut exposes a portion of your scalp. Make sure your scalp is flake-free by washing your hair regularly with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It has Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology which removes, resists, and prevents dandruff. It also gets rid of dirt, grease, and grime and leaves your scalp with a fresh feeling.

3. Man Bun With Taper Fade

Asian man with man bun and taper fade haircut
Show off your taper fade by putting the rest of your hair in a man bun. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Go for this style if you want a fun and funky hair fade. The man-bun-fade-haircut combination automatically gives you a fresh, youthful vibe.

Editor’s tip: Keep your hair strong to avoid hair breakage by using Dove Men + Care Strengthening Shampoo. It has caffeine and Trichazole Actives that help fortify your strands so your hair grows uninterrupted by hair fall due to breakage. 

4. Low Man Bun With Taper Fade

Asian man with a taper fade haircut wearing a white polo
A man bun helps you showcase your taper fade haircut even more. Credit: Shutterstock

You can also position your man bun a little bit above your nape when you have medium-length or long hair. You can even add a hard part—a clean, straight line created by shaving that portion of your hair—to make your taper fade haircut edgy.

5. Man Bun With Braid

Asian man with a man bun braid and taper fade haircut
Highlight your fade by putting your hair in a man bun braid. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Combine the man braid and the man bun in this eye-catching hairstyle. Beat the heat on hot and humid days by styling your hair this way.

6. Taper Fade With Mohawk

Filipino man with a blonde mohawk with taper fade wearing a blue shirt
Be adventurous by pairing a blonde mohawk with a taper fade. Credit: Michelle Pedron

Want a bold look? Pair a taper fade haircut with a mohawk ‘do! Make it even more unique by dyeing your mohawk blonde or any color you like.

7. Faux Hawk With Taper Fade

Asian man smiling wearing a long-sleeved top outdoors
Give your everyday look a funky vibe with a faux hawk and taper fade cut. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you want a more subtle version of the mohawk hairstyle, create a faux hawk by brushing your hair upwards to create height. Keep it in place with putty or pomade. Meanwhile, a taper fade will help direct all attention to your faux hawk.

Editor’s tip: Before you style your hair, make sure it is clean and fresh by washing it with Dove Men + Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo. It washes away dirt and grease from your hair and scalp. It also leaves your hair and scalp cool and refreshed. 

8. Brushed-Up Messy Hair With Taper Fade

Asian man with a taper fade haircut and messy hairstyle
Create this look with the help of your favorite styling putty or clay. Credit: Shutterstock

Look laidback while playing up the volume of your hair by going for this look. Just scoop a little bit of hair putty or matte clay, rub your palms and fingers, and finger-comb your hair upwards to create a messy, spiky ‘do.

9. Easy Comb Over With Fade

Guy in a blue sweater is smiling
Look stylishly smart with this hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A comb over hairstyle can make a fade haircut look polished. It’s also a versatile. You can wear it at work, when attending formal events, or while going on a romantic date.

Editor’s tip: Keep your hair in place with Axe Ice Chill Pomade. It gives you maximum control over your hair so you can style it in different ways. It also adds shine, giving you an equally sleek and polished look. 

10. Quiff With Fade

Filipino man with a quiff wearing a blue shirt outdoors
Show off your fade by styling your hair into a quiff. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This kind of fade haircut gives you a clean look, and when you style your hair into a quiff, you get to further exude a friendly, boy-next-door vibe. Go for this look when going out on weekend walks or hanging out at your friend’s house for game night.

11. Taper Fade Haircut With Pompadour

Side view of an Asian man with a taper fade haircur and pompadour hairstyle
This hairstyle can help make thin hair look thicker. Credit: Shutterstock

The contrast between the faded sides and the voluminous top makes you look dapper and sophisticated. You can create this hairstyle by blow-drying your hair upward and backward while brushing it with a rounded brush. And finally, spritz hairspray all over your hair to keep your pompadour in shape for a long time.

12. Brushed-Back Hairstyle

Asian man with brushed back hair wearing a coat
To create a casual and laidback look, brush your hair back with your fingers. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have thick hair, a taper fade can help keep your hair from overwhelming your face. Then, go for a simple brushed-back hairstyle to create a simple but neat look.

13. Taper Fade With Man Ponytail

Asian man with a man ponytail and a taper fade haircut
Want your hair pulled back? Try the man ponytail. Credit: Shutterstock

Keep your long hair off your face by putting it in a man ponytail. Pair this hairstyle with a taper fade for a fresh and modern look.

14. Tapered Buzz Cut

Man with buzz cut taper fade
Transition your way to a buzz cut with a taper fade. Credit: Shutterstock

A taper fade buzz cut is a great transition style before fully committing to a buzz cut. Plus, it adds a modern edge to the classic buzz cut.

16.Curly Taper Fade

Man curly hair with taper fade
Give your curls a more pronounced shape with this cut. Credit: Eduardo Dutra from Pexels

Keep your curly locks tamed and groomed with a taper fade cut. Don’t forget to use texturizing hair products while sporting this ‘do to enhance your hair structure.

There you have it! Now, try the taper fade haircut the next time you go your barber for a new ‘do.

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