13 Ways to Wear Ash Hair Color in 2023

Try these ash hair color combinations and make heads turn.

Ash hair colors have been trending in the past few years. This grayish hue has been used either as stand-alone hair color or as a base for other hues. The effect is a stylish and sophisticated hair color that makes you stand out.

There are several ways to rock this hair color. You can pick an edgy ash gray hair color and dye your entire hair with it. Or, you can pick ashy versions of your favorite browns and blondes.

Ready to rock ash? Here are chic ways to do it.

1. Ash Gray Hair Color

Asian woman with short ash gray hair
Be a head-turner with this trendy ash gray hair color. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Don’t be afraid to try ash gray hair color. It makes you look bold and edgy, especially when paired with short haircuts like a bob or a pixie cut. Add waves or go for a tousled ‘do to give your ash gray hair more oomph.

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2. Ash Gray Highlights

Asian woman with ash gray highlights on long dark hair
Jazz up your dark hair by adding ash gray highlights. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can wear ash gray in small doses by wearing it as highlights. The contrast against your naturally dark hair adds dimension and a bit of drama.

3. Light Ash Gray Hair Color

Back shot of a woman with long ash gray hair
Ash gray hair color adds oomph to long, wavy locks. Credit: Shutterstock

This is a couple of shades lighter than your typical ash gray hair color, but it’s just as edgy. You can add soft waves to your hair or go for a slightly tousled look so your light ash gray hair won’t look flat.

4. Ash Bronde

Asian woman with ash bronde hair wearing eyeglasses
This shade gives your hair depth. Credit: Kha Ruxury for Pexels

The beauty of ash hair is that you can use it to make your highlights look more natural, like this hair color combo. The ash base tones down the bronde hair color and gives it a classy, matte finish.

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5.  Ash Blonde

Asian woman with short ash blonde hair
Want blonde hair that’s not too light? Get ash blonde hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Go for a dark gray base and add your blonde hair color to get this hue. This is a great option if you want a subtly light hair color. Choose this ash gray hair color when you want to go blonde but don’t want your hair to be screaming this golden hue.

6. Ash Brown

Asian woman with short ash brown hair wearing a black top
Try this universally flattering hair color now. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This ash gray hair color is flattering for almost all skin tones. It’s also one of the trendiest brown shades nowadays, so go ahead and give this a try.

7. Ash Pink

Asian woman with ash pink hair
Tone down the sweetness by mixing pink with ashy tones. Credit: Nothing Ahead for Pexels

Make this sweet color edgy by making it ashy. If you’re looking for a light hair color that makes you stand out, try ash pink.

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8. Greige

Woman with a greige hair color
Greige is trending right now, so go ahead and try it! Credit: Shutterstock

Combine ash gray hair color and beige, and you get this hue. It’s a muted shade of gray that’s also moody, resulting in a sophisticated look.

9. Dark Ash Gray Hair Color

Asian woman with long dark hair wearing a black jacket
Dark ash hair is simple yet sophisticated, so go give it a try. Credit: Paul Szewczyk for Unsplash

If you’re not yet ready to lighten your hair, you can go for a dark ash hair gray color. It gives dimension to your naturally dark hair without giving your look a drastic change.

10. Ashy Unicorn Hair

Asian woman with long colorful hair
Add a fun element to your look by going for rainbow hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Can’t choose between ashy tones and bright hues? Go for unicorn hair. You get to enjoy multiple hair colors in one look. And with ashy tones toning it down, you get to wear unicorn hues in a more subtle way.

11. Silver Ash Hair Color

Ash hair color: Woman with long silver ash wavy hair wearing a black top
Say hello to better hair days ahead with silver ash tresses. Credit: Shutterstock

Give your hair an instant makeover that’s sure to get people’s attention. This silvery gray hair has an ethereal air because of its silver-gray tones, making you look like a character straight out of a fairy tale or a superhero comic book. A bit of shine on your hair can keep your look fierce and edgy.

12. Purple Ash Hair

Ash hair color: Woman with shoulder-length purple ash hair smiling outdoors
Purple ash hair gives your look more character and lets you express your playful self. Credit: Shutterstock

Have you always wanted to try purple hair but are nervous that it might be too bold? You can tone it down with an ash base. Purple ash hair is the combination of hip and playful that makes for a totally unique ‘do. Pair it with an equally trendy haircut like a blunt bob or lob for a young and fresh look.

13. Two-Tone Ash Gray Hair Color

ash hair color: Back view of nice two-tone hair color is shown
Combine any ash color with another color and be amazed by it. Credit: Shutterstock

If you can’t pick a specific color, go for two-tone hair color! Apply ashy hues near the roots and reds at the tips to make for a dramatic and edgy combination.

Whether you’re going for quirky or rocker-chic, ash gray hair color gives you the flexibility and versatility that you need. Show these hair ideas to your stylist the next time you want a dye job, and give ash a try.

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